VII Code O2M Oxygen Eye MASK Review

I admittedly have less than great sleeping habits, fostered by other bad habits of mine, which include late night movie binges, many evenings spent watching YouTube videos into the wee hours of the morning, and midnight cramming for tests. As a result, I have developed some pretty gnarly dark circles.

So when VII Code reached out to me asking me to test out their Oxygen Eye Masks, I was eager to begin testing them out to see if they could help lighten them up.


I’ve used eye masks in the past but always found the after result to be pretty lackluster, but right off the bat, I saw that the VII Code masks were completely different. Unlike most typical masks which are worn for 10-15 minutes, these are more like an eye sleeping mask so you leave them on for the 8 hours that you sleep and let them work their magic then.


Each box contains 6 sets of eye masks and costs $55 (which is a better value than traditional eye masks when you think about the short time that they actually on your under eyes), they are to be used over 2-3 weeks so you can choose how often you use the mask, personally I opted to use the mask two times a week, because I figured that prolonged use would provide better results.


So the masks come in a little plastic container to keep them separated from each other. When you take them out of it you peel off the plastic backing (not to be confused with the cotton on the outside of the mask)  to reveal the gel-like material which you adhere to your eyes. These masks have a refreshing cooling sensation when you first apply them, which was really nice. As someone who sleeps on my side and is prone to a fair bit of thrashing and rolling around in my sleep, I was impressed with how well they stayed on while I slept.

So now the grand reveal:


So I apologize for the lighting inconsistencies (I also managed to get a tan in the 3 weeks, which is also throwing off the white balance), but it’s clear to see that my under eyes are much less puffy then they were in the before photo (top) and there is a profound lightening of the darkness under my right eye.


I could not recommend these eye masks more, the proof is in the pudding and they really did do what they claimed to. I think these masks would be great for anyone looking to treat signs of aging around the eyes.

*This post is sponsored by VII Code and I did receive compensation in exchange for posting it, but like all my blog posts, this is my honest opinion of the product



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