By Wishtrend TECA Barrier Cream + Pimple Patch Review

Hey guys, long time no see! This week I’m back with a review of By Wishtrend’s TECA Barrier cream and their Clear Skin Shield Patch which I’ve been testing out for a couple of weeks now.

When I saw Wishtrend launch these two I instantly added them right to the top of my wishlist because there is nothing I love more than spot treatments and pimple patches.

So let’s get to the review!


First up we have their Clear Skin Shield Patch  which costs $12 on their website. 9F1FFBB9-F031-4D74-80C4-97614388AC68

It includes 3 sheets of patches in 2 sizes, 14 mm and 12mm ( you get two of this size) which add up to 36 in total. I really like that the patches all come in separate packaging with labels denoting their size, since usually,  acne patches just have the loose sheets inside, which can make it difficult to determine which size is which.

I’ve used these patches on a ton of my pimples and found that every time I used these, they got the job done i.e. suck out all the gunk, on the first patch. Usually, with other patches, I have to use 2-3 patches per pimple so only needing one helps make these more cost-effective.

Overall I really think these are worth it, their price is nicely centered in the middle, and Wishtrend has had multiple sales on their website where you can get these for free with your order or get 2 for the price of one!

After using the patch I used Wishtrend’s TECA Barrier Cream


This spot treatment (which costs $27.50) is unlike any other spot treatment I’ve used before because they recommend to use it on a popped pimple. I’ve heard all my life that popping pimples is on of the cardinal sins of skincare so I made sure to pop my pimple the “right” way by using a lancet instead of my grubby hands.

Water, Dipropylene Glycol, Glyceryl Stearate SE, Cetearyl Alcohol, Dimethicone, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Cyclopentasiloxane, Ethyl Hexanediol, Cyclohexasiloxane, Asiaticoside, Madecassic Acid, Asiatic Acid, Tromethamine, Carbomer, Xanthan Gum, Glyceryl Caprylate, Allantoin, Disodium EDTA

This cream relies on Centella Asiatica and Allantoin to heal the skin barrier and also to prevent the formation of PIH.


I made sure to take a before and after shot and honestly, I see a big difference. My skin is super prone to PIH (basically any acne I get will leave some) and so while this wasn’t able to completely prevent it, it did noticeably lighten the PIH that did form.

Acne and PIH can set my skin back for months as I work on fading it so having a product that lightens it, in the beginning, helps shrink the time it takes for the spot to be completely gone. For that reason I completely recommend this, a little also goes a long way so while the initial $27.50 might be steep, it will last me all year.

Let me know if you use pimple patches or spot treatments and which ones are your favorite!


Peter Thomas Roth Potent C Collection Review

Peter Thomas Roth’s latest skincare line is based around THD Ascorbate which they claim is 50x more powerful than traditional vitamin C. I think the 50x claim is a little hyperbolic but THD (short for Tetrahexyldecyl, say that 5x fast) Ascorbate does have some clear benefits, it is more stable than Vitamin C and is also more lipid soluble than vitamin C which means it is able to penetrate the epidermis better and reach the dermis to boost collagen production. This line is supposed to help treat fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin firmness and elasticity and also help correct uneven skin tone.


When I was sent this collection by Influenster, I was over the moon and couldn’t wait to put it to the test against my PIH and my developing smile lines, but before we get fully into the reviews, I will give a spoiler, I had very mixed emotions.

First up we have the Power Serum which retails for a whopping $95 at Sephora, this was the product that I was most excited to test out because I love a good serum but was interested to see if it was worth the high price point.A3F601A8-8173-46D9-BD3E-6A26C584BF0B

Unfortunately a few days into testing, my skin firmly told me that it was not feeling this serum at all. I developed a ton of closed comedones all over my face in areas that I don’t typically break out in like my forehead and jawline. After I saw that I immediately stopped using the serum because it just wasn’t worth sacrificing all the improvements I’d seen in my skin’s texture just to give it a full 28 days if I was all ready reacting on day 3.

I don’t want to completely write off the serum since most people had glowing reviews for it online, so if you can get past its Vitamin C “meaty” scent I’d tell you to give it a go, but its a major no for me.

Next up is the Power Eye Cream which retails for $65 at Sephora, this product came with it’s own bag of issues (though not as bad as of a funky smell).6C23C46C-1EA1-49AF-831D-E9C7D8F6CCF7

The first thing I noticed when I started using this eye cream was the burn! Without fail for the first 2 weeks of testing I couldn’t use this without my eyes watering, and to be honest I really considered discontinuing use of this too. However, along with the burn, I noticed that my normally dark under eyes, appeared significantly brighter. I kept using it and found that applying less than the normal pea size and not going as close to my waterline helped me avoid the burn but keep the radiant under eyes.

Altogether I will ultimately give this product a hestitant thumbs up, after I got over the learning curve (or maybe just adusted to the pain??) I found this to be a really nice eye cream that did something more than just hydrate my under eyes.

The last product in this line the Targeted Spot Brightener, and also the “cheapest” at only $58 from Sephora also happened to be my favorite in the whole line.


I had never heard of a spot brightener before and after the serum turned out to be a flop for me I was a little scared that this would also not end well, but was pleasntly suprised at the results. After using this over the course of a month I saw that many of my dark spots had faded much more than they typically would’ve even with my normal routine. My PIH tends to stick around much longer than a month or two so seeing the quick fading was really impressive, so I while it costs a pretty penny I really would reccommend this spot treatment.

All in all the Peter Thomas Roth Potent C Collection had a miss, a maybe and one hit for me, but I am a fan of the brand in general (love their Water Drench Moisturizer <3) so while this line might not have been for me I still can’t wait to see what else they come out with next!

VII Code O2M Oxygen Eye MASK Review

I admittedly have less than great sleeping habits, fostered by other bad habits of mine, which include late night movie binges, many evenings spent watching YouTube videos into the wee hours of the morning, and midnight cramming for tests. As a result, I have developed some pretty gnarly dark circles.

So when VII Code reached out to me asking me to test out their Oxygen Eye Masks, I was eager to begin testing them out to see if they could help lighten them up.


I’ve used eye masks in the past but always found the after result to be pretty lackluster, but right off the bat, I saw that the VII Code masks were completely different. Unlike most typical masks which are worn for 10-15 minutes, these are more like an eye sleeping mask so you leave them on for the 8 hours that you sleep and let them work their magic then.


Each box contains 6 sets of eye masks and costs $55 (which is a better value than traditional eye masks when you think about the short time that they actually on your under eyes), they are to be used over 2-3 weeks so you can choose how often you use the mask, personally I opted to use the mask two times a week, because I figured that prolonged use would provide better results.


So the masks come in a little plastic container to keep them separated from each other. When you take them out of it you peel off the plastic backing (not to be confused with the cotton on the outside of the mask)  to reveal the gel-like material which you adhere to your eyes. These masks have a refreshing cooling sensation when you first apply them, which was really nice. As someone who sleeps on my side and is prone to a fair bit of thrashing and rolling around in my sleep, I was impressed with how well they stayed on while I slept.

So now the grand reveal:


So I apologize for the lighting inconsistencies (I also managed to get a tan in the 3 weeks, which is also throwing off the white balance), but it’s clear to see that my under eyes are much less puffy then they were in the before photo (top) and there is a profound lightening of the darkness under my right eye.


I could not recommend these eye masks more, the proof is in the pudding and they really did do what they claimed to. I think these masks would be great for anyone looking to treat signs of aging around the eyes.

*This post is sponsored by VII Code and I did receive compensation in exchange for posting it, but like all my blog posts, this is my honest opinion of the product


YEOUTH Teen Skin System Review

Your teenage years are never good times for your skin and are generally characterized by hormonal changes that leave your skin with acne and oily, dehydrated skin. Most American drugstore skincare lines will tell teens that the solution to all of their woes is to attack their skin with harsh cleansers that contain even harsher ingredients (microbeads, and SLS just to name a few) which leave your skin looking and feeling even worse.

Thanks to YEOUTH you can effectively combat your acne while also hydrating your face to help with dehydration with their Teen Skin System  $54.95. 

Disclaimer: I was sent this set for free from YEOUTH but all opinions are my own

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