Skin Update: April 2018

What’s up y’all, long time no see, I’ve decided that this lil series on my blog will be quarterly (mainly due to sheer laziness on my part) but I also feel that it will help to show more change to both my skin and my routine since not much happens from month to month.

After 3 months this is what my skin looks like:


This month I took the photos with the back camera of my iPhone so it would capture the texture better. The biggest improvement I personally see this month has been in the texture and tone of my skin. In my last post my right cheek was very red and inflamed from active breakouts and was also hella textured, sticking to my exfoliation schedule really helped with that. On my left side I did see more breakouts ( I feel like whenever I see improvement on one cheek the other one has to turn around and act up). My nose is still a big problem area, it’s super bumpy and I’ve yet to find a product that helps (if you have any recommendations let me know!!)

My Routine:



Most of the products are the same as what I used last time but I’ll give mini reviews on the new things in my rotation

  •  The Ordinary’s Buffet Serum ($14.80): I won this in a giveaway and it really gives the face a lovely glow after use, I try to avoid using it to often because I’ve heard people say they’ve gotten chemical burns when they used it too often
  • The Ordinary’s Niacinamide ($5.90): This stuff probably made the biggest difference in fading my acne marks, my skin had a slight “purge” for a week when I first introduced it but its been smooth sailing ever since
  • Whalmyung’s Skin Elixir ($58):If you’re looking for a great multi-use product that’ll quickly pack in some hydration then look no further than this baby (also won this in a giveaway)
  • SK-ii RNA Power Eye Cream ($135): This is a lovely eye cream, super brightening and sinks in wonderfully, its also too damn expensive so once I’m finished with my sample I’ll find something more poor student friendly
  • Frudia Green Grape Pore Control Cream ($20): This is a really nice basic moisturizer, it has a super interesting texture it does a great job of keeping the skin moisturized, I didn’t see any changes in my pores but it didn’t break me out so yay



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